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Fake `open` with Python doubles


I've been strugging a bit testing an open call with the doubles library. As is the case many times, most of my struggle has revolved aroudn writing python2 and 3 compatible code/tests. I'm trying to assert the built in open function is called with the right file name argument.

The first thing you need to do is disable builtin verification in the doubles library, using a context manager they provide. Next, you need to handle the change in modules where open is provided from 2 to 3, __builtin__ to builtins. More documentation available here. And finally, the differences in StringIO - see more here.

The final version of my test to check open is called with the correct arguments, looks like this:

def test_io():
with no_builtin_verification():
i = __import__(('builtins' if sys.version_info >= (3,)
else '__builtin__'))
expect(i).open.with_args(Config().config_file, 'w+').and_return(